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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  September 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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yesterday. apparently the 52-year-old from medford was off-duty when he took a bus that was parked outside an mta facility in jamaica. according to state police, he drove the bus eastbound on the northern state parkway in a very erratic fashion, prompting calls to troopers. a trooper apparently smelled alcohol on copeland. he was given a breathalyzer test and according to state police, registered a blood alcohol level nearly three times the league limit. why and where he was going is unclear right now. copeland is due back in court later this month. we're in hempstead today, news 4, new york. less than two weeks until pope francis arrives here in new york city and later today, mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton will outline the security measures being planned for the pope's visit. meanwhile, cardinal dolan is
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speaking out about scalping tickets to see the pope. the tickets have been popping up online withome asking for hundreds on dollars. the tickets were originally given away from free to give as many people as possible a chance to see pope francis. dolan says selling them for a profit goes against everything that the pope stands for. and reminder, there's a special section on the website with everything you need to know about the pope's visit at the the migrant crisis overseas. refugees are desperate to make it before the country closes its border. tougher measures are expected to take affect in just hours. lester holt reports from hungary. >> reporter: migrants pour into hungary, threatening to seal its border. this morning for the first time, helmeted army troops began massing along a newly built razor wire fence. on sunday, this little girl collapsing in sickness had to be
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carried across by a volunteer. >> where will you take her? >> reporter: this afghan teenager was separated from his family during the night. he has no money, only two eggs. two miles away, a overrun and unofficial relief camp where there is food, water, and medical aid. police are also there to take the migrants to government detention camps for processing. for this man, the alternative, returning his son to syria, is too much to bear. >> the syrian war has continued for four years, and it'll continue. >> reporter: the timing of the crackdown on illegal crossers will largely depend on how quickly they can complete this border fence. once they do that, this may be the end of the road. what happens once this fence is completed? what's your production? >> they're not going to stop just because they reach a fence like this. they will find another way into europe. >> reporter: a away to a
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continent at its breaking point, but a place now many now see as the promised land. european interior ministers are trying to decide the issue of quo toes for eu countries. there is resistance especially here in eastern europe. the migrants w t to go to western europe, a more prosperous country, but right now, the folks we've talked to have no idea where they will end up or how they will get there. this is lester holt near the serbian, hungary border. >> all right, lester has joined full team of nbc correspondents reporting o this refugee crisis overseas. he'll be reporting live from the border on nbc nightly news tonight at 6:30. on long island today, it's back to the bargaining table to avoid a strike by school bus drivers. around 1200 drivers for the bus company are demanding higher pay and better benefits. right now they make about 11 to $14 per hour.
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the union representing t e driver says tha s not enough. the bus company operates 800 buss in a dozen school districts. well today's commute was much easier for many living on manhattan's west side. a new subwayy?tati opened at 34th street and 11th avenue yesterday, the fir>>st news station in two decades. it sits a full three avenues west of the ace line. and today was its first rush hour test, news 4's reporter is ta dlking to riders, it's a beautiful station. >> keporter: it is, you've never met so many people who are actu ly happile to ride the subway. also, a neighbor over here, it's only a half block away, workers made these personalized labels for the water bottles that say welcome to the neighborhood. and then you have so many people around here taking photographs, pictures of the new subway station like it's a newborn baby. it's now easier to get to, but
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thousands of mass transit commuters. >> we have a take a bus across town, it'll billion nice not to have to stand in the cold. >> reporter: on the first commute to the new station subway riders found themselves at work a little earlier. >> all sorts of sicks, i give myself extra time, hour earlier than usual to be honest. >> the charter buss are ha t much closer. >> admitted to take the seven line until the last session and we can take our bus, really good. >> in fact it is a half block away, the station, 34th street hudson yards cost two and a half billion, the platforms are temperature-controlled, meaning there's ac and heat, the elevator goes up and down 11 stories, two sets of escalators take you from ground level deep into the underground. many remarked they are steep. this is the first new subway station to open up in the city in a quarter of a century. >> it's beautiful. as far as subway stations go, i
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mean it's brand new, so it looks great. >> smells new, not too bad for a subway station. >> smells good for it. >> reporter: yes, take it all in, it's got that new subway station smell, or maybe it doesn't. at any rate, as for the morning commute, subway riders told us it went well. and if you look at the mta website, it says good svice on the subway train. re wiporttng live, katherine creag, news 4, new york. >> i bet it doesn't smell good long. >> ac is huge. you are at the core of the earth, deep, deep, deep, deep. coming up here on news 4 new york at noon. breaking down behind bars. nbc talks exclusively to the woman who helped two convicted murderers break out of a n upstate prison. what she says about why she did this. plus the president going on the road to pitch his plan on making college easier to pay for. and what a change in the weather, rafael. >> that's ri ht, i t wa the
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coolest morning we've seen in months here in new york city. t there's another hot strea coming our way, believe it or knot, right around the corner, we'll look at the seven day forecast and tell you how hot it'll get, coming up. coming up next on new york live at 12:30, vanessa williams back on the miss america stage three decades after giving up her title. plus pizza week with the new york stap that wtll s rted it all. and we're talking empire with caitlin doubleday coming up on new rk live at 12:30.
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>> > well the woman who admits to helping two upstate prisoners escape now says she is not a monster. jonoyce mitchell spoke exclusively to matt lawrie this morning on the "today" show. she's sorry for elping them break out in june. mitchell also admits to getting tooeo close to te clinton corr tional facilhyity inmates. she was going through a personal crisis at the time. >> i didn't feel like my husband loved me anymore, and i guess it was just me, i was going through
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depression. and i guess they saw my weakness. >> mitchell says she accepts that she faces punishment for her actions. she could get seven years in prison for this. her sentencing is scheduled in two weeks. you can watch more of matt lawrie's interview with joyce mitchell this friday on "today." two-hour special also friday night on "dateline." t kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue same-sex maerriage licenses is back on the job for the first time since spending five days behind bars. m davis choked up as she read from a hand-written statement this morning. she told supporters she's not going to interfere with her deputies issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but she will not personally isesue or thords authorize any of the forms. >> i don't to want hae this conflict. i don't want to be in the spotlight. and i certainly don't want to be a whipping post. i just want to serve my
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neighbor's quietly, without violating my conscious. >> she's a christian and stopped issuing them after the supreme court legalized gay marriage. the latest polls show hillary clinton's support is slipping and donald trump is dominating the republican race. hillary still at the top though with democratic voters. she has 42% to bernie sanders' 24. this is the first time she's gone below 50% in the washington post/abc news poll. on the republican side, donald trump has 33%, ben carson, double digit behind there at 20%, jeb bush, way behind at ght points followed by ted cruz and marco rubio both at 7%. the next republican debate is this coming wednesday. president obama is on his sixth back to school bus tour this week and student loans are front and center on his agenda. the president is visiting des moines, iowa, today. he and education secretary arnie duncan will host a town hall with high school students and
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parents. they'll highlight the white house's plan for deadlines for students applying for loans. today's money report, gas prices falling fast. how low can they go. >> bill griffith joins us with the answer and much more on this monday, hi bill. >> i cannot wait to see how much lower they can go, but they are going lower now. stocks also lower right now, guelys. real sense of anticipation this week. the federal reserve meets wednesday and thursday, and this is the time when maybe, just maybe, the fed will start raising interest rates for the fiorrst time in almost a decade. right now the dow is down 83 points, but it's way early, there's going to be a lot of trading to happen between now and thursday. shares of apple opened strong this morning. the company is saying that the preorders for its new iphones, the 6s and 6s plus introduced last week, all on track to beat last year's record pace. last year ten million phones
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that first weekend. what's interest sergeant larger s6 plus this time around is seeing stronger demand. apple admits it had to scramble to ramp up production for that model. both phones hit the stores, go on sale a week from friday officially on september 25th. and it is not your imagination, gasoline prices are dropping sharply. just as they did last january. the aaa fuel gauge report this morning says that the national average is now dropped 29 consecutive days. it's now down to $2.33 a gallon nationally. last year on this date, it was $3.39, so its been a big decline. and more than a few pundits who feel that the national average could drop below $2 in the not too distant future in part because the refineries are going to start producing the cheaper winter blend of fuel, and that will bring the price down as well. right now your average in new
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york is $2.54, in connecticut, $2.51, and here in new jersey, lower taxes on gasoline, $2.08. i'm told that a station around the corner here was selling it for $1.77 this morning. >> gee. >> that sounds right. >> they'll pump it for you. >> they do that. >> if you get enough gas, you can pay for the toll on the tunnel, why not? >> what a concept. >> i'm thinking, yeah, i'm doing the math here, if you have a big enough gas tank. >> are you running for office, rob? >> yeah, i need donald's support though, i need his money. >> yeah. >> bill, thanks. >> see you tomorrow. all right. feel like fall. everybody's talking about the weather today. that is on everyone's lips. >> right, low numbers, i mean this morning it was the coolest morning since june in the city. we finally hit the 50s again bhb of us were happy about it. >> is that how low, 50s, huh? >> 40s north and west of town. cool morningings in the suburbs, but not in the city.
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this was a refreshing change for the muggy hot pattern that we were locked into it, but it's a one-day thing real s. mashe one or two, don't get used to it, 72 degrees and sunshine right now, let's look at the morning low temperatures. coldest north and west of town was 48 degrees this morning. we had 50s in white plains, there's your 59 in central park. and low 50s across across long island. 54 degrees, 54 was the morning low. right now it's a beautiful picture out there, high pressure dominating its breezy and bright, and it's warm, pleasantly warm low humidity. temperatures in the upper 50s, imbing up in the 70s in some spots, farmingdale, and 72 degrees in morristown. it is breezy. get ready for that if you're going outside, maybe a light jacket, if you're sensitive to the cold. winds gusting around 30, up to 35 miles per hour. that'll gradually die down throughout the afternoon. great baseball weather, cooling off again, low 70s the start of the game for the marlins taking on the mets.
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hoping to continue that winning streak. 72, then it drops off. once the sun is gone, you may need that extra layer to keep warm. it's weird to say that. its been so hot. looking ahead now for the rest of the week, mid-80s, just a beautiful stretch of weather. that'll continue right through the end of the week, our next chance of rain, which we desperately need around here, not going to be until the weekend. doesn't look autothat impressive, make a hit or miss shower on sunday. that's about it. otherwise, temperatures well above average into the 80s even through the weekend. future tracker is very quiet for your commute home tonight, 6:00, 7:00 p.m., no weather problems. and tomorrow, also quiet for your tuesday morning. let's look at the seven-day forecast. what a stretch. 70s today. back to the mid-80s femorrow. the heat continues to build. 86 degrees for your high temperature on wednesday. it goes on like that for the rest of the week. humidity not too bad. even though it's going to be well above average, not too muggy here. and then again the weekend, maybe a chance for scattered
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storms on sunday, otherwise, no relief from the drought, but great weather if you like the warm, dry stuff, over to you. >> need warming up after this morning. >> that's all it takes. wow. >> so dramatic, i know. new york live is up next at 12:30. >> 80. >> all right. well coming up, maybe this will warm you up. pizza week. pizzeria considered the best and the first in the country. gave up miss america title three decades ago after a nude photo scandal. last night vanessa williams returned to the stage and got an apology. everyone is talking about this one, we are too. but we're talking about that little known show "empire" with caitlin doubleday today, you're heard of that, right? >> yeah. we don't talk about it because it's on fox. >> oh. >> smart. >> thanks, ladies. we're looking forward to it, we'll be right back. on today in new york, get up to date --
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>> it's the first test for the seven train. >> those delays go back to exit 35. >> up to the minute, the minute you're up. with darlene rodriguez, tomorrow starting at 4:30 a.m.
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the national guard will help fight those deadly wild fires that are scorching communities in northern california. one person was killed in what's being known as the valley fire. that's where more than 400 homes burned. the fire remains out of control still, sparking a state of emergency. thousands of people ran for safety. many of them are now living in shelters. it was a race against time off the coast of alaska. 32-foot fishing boat was heading straight towards a rocky shoreline after its engine failed. a helicopter was dispatched after the captain sent out a distress call and three fishermen rescued just before that boat ran aground. we'll be right back.
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tonight, starting at 5:00, a local man is alive and well, but the government thinks he's dead. >> it's a clerical issue that's causing big problems. >> let's go to nbc new for breaking news and weather. new york live is coming up next. >> have a great day everybody.
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hey everybody, welcome to "new york live." happy monday. hope you had a lovely weekend.
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we have got so much an exciting show planned for you today. you want to know why? it's pizza week. >> we have already have my first slice. >> i couldn't wait. >> we are kicking off day one of our celebration of all things pizza with a manhattan eatery that started it all, find out how lombardi's made history. not just here, but all of america. >> can't wait. from a little show called "empire." caitlin doubleday is in the house. we're getting all the scoop on season two in just a few minutes. >> that'll take a long time. >> yeah. >> there's a lot of scoop on the show. >> all right. but first, its medicine more than three decades since she gave up her miss america title. >> vanessa williams returned to the pageant and even received an apology. >> it was the apology 32 years in the making. >> i want to apologize to you, i want to apologize for anything
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that was said or done that made you feel any less the miss america you are and the miss america you always will be. >> and historic night for the 95th miss america pant. vanessa williams returned to the stage for the first time since winning the crown back in 1984, making her the first black woman to ever win. her reign was short-lived as she was forced to resign after only ten months following a nude photo scandal. and the night was filled with more surprises as betty kahn trel of georgia took home the 2015 crown. >> miss georgia. >> this despite a question and answer portion that had her a little bit amused about the deflategate scandal. >> that's will really good question. i think i'd have to be there to see the ball and feel it and make sure it was deflated or not. >> dominance of new york state in the miss america pageant. she has won the title three consecutive years in a row.
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>> wow. and we were just talking about that she had been asked the ruse morphs that she was asked for many years to come back to the pageant. >> i wonder why she said yes now. >> it was nice to see her mother in the audience for that apology because she had written in her book how difficult it was for her mother too. and she just didn't miss a beat, >> she didn't. >> she went on to have one of the most successful careers for miss america ever. >> it was good for her to get that crown taken away. it worked out for her just fine. all right. well new york fashion week was in full swing this weekend, and jackie, you scored a front row seat at one of the hottest shows. >> i did, right across from sarah jessica parker. she was looking amazing. i went to tracy rees's fashion show yesterday for 2016, and the clothes were amazing. and you see, that's, what is june's last night. >> ambrose. >> yes. >> i'm drawing, i'm having a brain freeze. it was great, it was a great show.
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carrie underwood was there, but


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